My name is Andra, and I have been drawing and painting my whole life. 
I love to play, experiment, and have fun while creating. But most importantly, I want to tell you stories and to make you feel something when you look at my art. 

My work focuses on narratives of identify, self-exploration, play, connection and finding my place in the world. I do not want my art to be just decorative drawings of young, slim, pretty people. I want to bring true emotion in art. I want to show you my depression, anxiety, joy and curiosity. I want you to tell you about my yearning to connect with nature. I want to tell you the stories of people of all shapes, sizes, or genders  and of those who do not usually see themselves in art.

Stay tuned for pictures of my latest work, Instagram updates and new series of works that I will be posting soon.

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Bored panda feature

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Emerging Toronto Artists - Character Award

Juried competition - Leading Jury Member Lee Howard

October 2016


Queen West Art Crawl 

Juried Fair 

September 2018


Emerging Toronto Artists Exhibition

Juried Competition 

October 2016


Cabbagetown arts and crafts fair 

Juried Fair

September 2016


Toronto Art Crawl Christmas Market

November 2015